Just For Kids

Hello and Welcome to our Kids page.  Here, you and your child will find information and videos designed just for kids to help them understand Counseling, Trauma and much more.  


Hey kids… we hope you find this page helpful.  we created it just for you!!

Counseling For Kids

Let’s start with finding out, just what counseling is and how it can help you. 

Lots of kids have problems that affect how they feel, think, or behave.

Counseling is a way to get help with these problems.

If you go to Counseling, you’ll meet with a Counselor to talk about your problem and learn how to feel better about it. 

How Counseling can help you?

Counseling helps kids learn to cope with those feelings that make your tummy feel upset.  It helps you learn how to tell your mom, dad, granparent or counselor what is happening and how it makes you feel.  It will help YOU feel better.

If you’re dealing with a problem, your Mom or Dad or maybe your Doctor might suggest you go to a Counselor to talk about it.

Or it might be your idea. You might be the one to ask your Mom or Dad to take you to a Counselor.  It doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you can talk to someone about what makes you feel sad, angry, afraid or uncomfortable.

What Problems Do Counselors Help With?

Counselors  are trained to help kids with all kinds of problems. They help kids going through tough times like:

  • And much more.
  • Counselors help kids with feelings like:

And those feelings that just simply don’t make sense. Counselors help kids like you .


Kids Three Big Questions

Why Do Kids Need Counseling?

Kids need Counseling when they have problems they can’t cope with alone. Counseling helps them talk about their feelings and learn new skills. It helps them work out their problems. As this happens, kids start to try new skills and do better.  

How Does Counseling Work?

In Counseling, kids learn by talking and doing. Counselors do activities with kids that teach skills. Kids learn to use these skills to solve problems. A Counselor  gives praise and support as kids learn. This helps kids do their best and feel proud of the work they are doing.

What Happens in Counseling?

At first, your Counselor will talk with you and your Mom and Dadt. Counselors  ask questions and listen. This helps them learn more about you. The Counselor will tell you how they can help.

Other Fun Things!

Video: Can I Control That Thing I am Worried?

Video: Can I Control That Thing I am Worried?

When kids worry about things they don't understand or control, it can create a great deal of stress. This is a great video that helps kids understand worry. Check it out, we are confident you will agree. https://youtu.be/5WGPxQJ2sBg

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Video: How Can I Change My Worries? 

Video: How Can I Change My Worries? 

Helping kids understand emotions can be difficult. Teaching them how to cope can also be challenging. This is a helpful video to work at changing your worries. Please check it out and see if it will be helpful for you and your child. https://youtu.be/J0XjCHZOx4A

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Video: What exactly is Worry? 

Video: What exactly is Worry? 

Explaining anxiety, fear and sadness can be difficult when you are talking to a child. We found this video to be very helpful. It helps us understand what worry is. https://youtu.be/9qNKPw-EeEE

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Video: What is a Worry Warrior? 

Video: What is a Worry Warrior? 

Does your child struggle with emotions such as fear, sadness and/or anxiety? Does he or she worry a lot? This is a helpful video that deals with worrying. Please take a look and see if it will be helpful to you or someone you know. https://youtu.be/dA54Nbv3__M

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How Can I Help Myself?

How Can I Help Myself?

If you're going to a Counselor, here are some ways to help yourself too: Be ready to grow. Tell yourself "I can" instead of "I can't." This helps you do your best.Ask your family for help when you need it. Share how you feel. This helps you feel close.Do things you...

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How Long Do Kids Do Therapy?

How Long Do Kids Do Therapy?

How long Counseling last depends on your problem and what you need to happen to feel better.  Most of the time, a Counselor will want to meet with you once a week for a few months. The goal is to truly understand what you are dealing with and finding helpful ways to...

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When the Counselor knows you better

When the Counselor knows you better

You Might Talk! Talking is a healthy way to express feelings. Kids are more ready to learn when someone listens to how they feel. Play and draw -. Counselors use games that teach things like taking your time on schoolwork or other tasks. Some games teach kids how to...

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What’s really important

Our Mission

To provide a space to reflect on the significant events of life and gain a new understanding of what these events mean as they inform the future.

To provide a space to repair the broken places in life experience.  Knowing that the broken places can become strong places to stand and grow.  To provide a space to reimagine who we can become.  In this space, we discover a new image of ourselves and those around us. 


Other Amazing Things

One Session VS Ongoing

 Our Staff provides individual counseling to persons with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues and concerns, as well as their families.  

 One session counseling is provided for individuals who want or need minimal support and guidance.  Their issue or concern can be processed and worked out in one counseling session.

Ongoing Counseling is for individuals who have more complex issues or concerns that will take more time to sort through.  Sometimes this can take a few weeks and other times, it can take longer.  You and your counselor will discuss ongoing treatment and how it will look for you.

Selecting The Right Counselor

Before you can choose the right counselor, it’s best to look at your options. Your insurance coverage may determine how many options you have, but if it is flexible, you could ask for recommendations from family, friends, or your doctor.   However,  not everyone has the same needs and not all personalities mesh.  Just because a counselor was helpful to a friend does not mean they will be the right fit for you, and that’s okay.  

When choosing a counselor you will want to look for someone that will accommodate your specific need.  Things to consider are:  a description of the Counselor; his/her Credentials and Qualifications; and their approach to treatment.  Then ask yourself, can I build a rapport with this Counselor and will I be able to trust them?  For more information on our Counseling Staff, please visit our Counselors page.